Thursday, April 26, 2001

Today is "Take Your Child to Work" day and it's just been one big clusterf**k. The kids are about 2-5 y/o and are running around the office, hopped up on sugar and skreeching their little asses off. I'm so glad I have this mongo number crunching job today.

I'm thinking about joining Webgrrls, but it's a $55 fee and I'm wondering if it's worth it. They have lots of classes in HTML, Photoshop and Javascript for way cheap. And it might be a good way to network. Only 253 days till severance so I need to rustle up a new career. I'd like to do HTML coding and a bit of web design, and research (actually this is what I do best), but the sites I've seen that offer web design just plain suck ass. Anyone have any experience with webgrrls? Anyone? Bueller?

Reading: ""The Code Book" by Simon Singh. I wish I had paid more attention in math class I got the jones to learn more about cryptography after tearing through "Cryptomonicon" by Bruce Sterling. Oh crap! To be able to write like that....anyway it's good exercise for the brain.

Cooking: Penne with portabello shrooms and white wine.

Exercise: Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa